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The Unlimited Group

Over the last decade, we’ve seen unprecedented change in marketing communications and business transformation. Digital, data and technology have been the key game changers.

Whilst this change has opened up unlimited opportunities, it has also resulted in an ever-changing and often challenging landscape for businesses and brands. In parallel, the siloed marketing disciplines, media channels and business processes of the past no longer engage today’s consumers as effectively as they once did.

For clients, the ability to draw upon thought leadership and multidiscipline expertise to navigate this change is vital to achieving sustainable growth. That’s why we’ve created Unlimited.

With unlimited thinking at its heart, Unlimited brings together a unique blend of discipline experts from across the 25 specialist companies within the Creston agency group. We embrace the power of creative collaboration to solve the big strategic brand and communication issues that our clients face.

Our unlimited thinking is underpinned by a unified approach and our specialist insight expertise. We work together in highly collaborative teams in areas such as technology, brand consultancy, advertising and PR, through to social, multi-channel creative and digital solutions.

Welcome to a world of thinking without limits. Welcome to Unlimited.

Visit www.unlimitedgroup.com to find out more.


Tim Bonnet

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