Creston’s Electrichlor hypochlorite

Electrichlor Products

Creston’s Electrichlor hypochlorite generation technology has been proven in the toughest environments such as offshore oil platforms and coastal power plants. The patented electrolyzer cell design combined with optimum operating conditions results in benefits that improve safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness for our customers:

  1. No sparks. Intrinsically safe cell design.
  2. No cracks, no leaks. All-titanium electrolyzer cell.
  3. Ability to choose your hypochlorite strength: 0.4 or 0.8%.
  4. Ability to make hypochlorite with secondary effluent and RO reject brine.
  5. Ability to increase capacity on-the-fly to meet unexpected chlorine demand peaks.
  6. Less cleaning; happier operators.
  7. 10 year anode life; lower cost of ownership.
NClear Products

NClear Products

Creston’s NClear technology is an innovative, environmentally friendly chemistry with a dual-purpose formulation that enhances biosolids handling while reducing phosphorus concentrations in water. Our customers experience higher biosolids settling rates in digesters, which increases plant capacity; higher biosolids dewatering in filter presses, which reduces disposal costs; and lower phosphorous concentrations in the water returned to the head of the plant, which helps reduce nutrient load for biological processes.

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